A veg burger looks simple and easy to make on the surface but it actually requires a good recipe. Low-quality ingredients and poor technique can all ruin the flavor and ‘meat’ passability of a veg burger. At Lemon Dogs, we’ve figured out a way to make the best veg burgers in Halifax. We rely on our head chef’s intimate knowledge of Mexican cooking methods to make sure our products stand apart from other offerings available today.

Fresh ingredients = the best veg burgers in Halifax

Ingredients are the foundation of any food item and without good ingredients, a burger won’t taste good. We choose vegetable, spices, buns, and other ingredients carefully, buying them from reliable local producers whenever possible. We made sure our ‘meat’ provider (Impossible Foods) guarantees the equivalent nutrients as real meat, but without the environmental footprint. We also ensure that toppings are fresh, and that we always have gluten-free options available with minimal chances for cross-contamination with flour-based products. These carefully chosen ingredients ensure our veg burgers stand out.

Careful preparation

ll products are prepared carefully with attention to detail. Our sauces are all made by hand every day to ensure it is fresh during service time, and we have careful measures in place to ensure accuracy of orders.

Meat and vegan  

Different customers have different preferences, which is why we offer a wide range of options on our menu. While all options on our menu are vegetarian, nearly everything also has a vegan option! These meals are light-weight enough to be enjoyed at any time of the day.

If you’re looking for the best veg burgers in Halifax, visit Lemon Dogs Lockside Canteen today! Our burgs will tickle your taste buds and stay in memory for a long time. You’ll keep coming back for more.