Finding The Best Realtor In Halifax

When it comes to real estate, you need to be sure you’re working with the best whether you’re looking to sell Halifax real estate or on the lookout to buy a house in Halifax. So how do you go about picking the right realtor? Are there some easy ways to spot the winners? Here are some pointers and questions you should be considering to get you well on your way to finding the best Halifax realtor.

Seeing Homes For Sale: How many and how fast?

If you plan to buy a house in Halifax, do you get to see them before anyone else? Does your realtor offer you an edge? If your realtor is a market leader, they will make all the information you could want available at your fingertips. Useful online tools like the MLS listings at Johnny Dulong’s Exit Realty Metro website,, put the hottest new homes up so you can view the listings as they go live and get the best shot at clinching the in-demand houses. Because these tools are online, you can browse and self-select based on your own personal requirements, budget and more.

How digital marketing savvy is the realtor?

As with a lot of other aspects of our lives, home buyers are increasingly doing their first shortlists online. And that’s something savvy realtors like Halifax based Johnny Dulong at Exit Realty Metro have got down to an art. From creating Facebook pages for your property to intelligent tagging on Twitter, the really good realtor of today should be able to do it all.

Do they connect with you often?

The difference between a good realtor and the best in the region, is the personal connect. Your realtor should communicate with you often and well. Emails offering updates or other chosen non-intrusive modes of staying update will ensure you get to know what’s available.

Do they offer special services?

The best in the business know that they need to cater to a wide range of clients. Realtors like Johnny Dulong work with specific niches – for instance, he can assist with military relocation related Halifax real estate needs for men and women in uniform, drawing on his own years in service. Another unique feature at the same realtor is the drone photography service to offer stunning shots of your property from breathtaking angles. A good realtor will know how to make your property really stand out.

How well do they understand Halifax real estate?

A sound knowledge of the local market is critical to ensure you get your pricing right. Your realtor can be your best friend when it comes to picking that magic number. The more well-versed he or she is with your neighborhood, the more likely you are to walk away with the best deal.

What is their track record?

Reputation is everything in this business. If your realtor is good you will know it and so will everyone else in the market. See for yourself, check out their website, their marketing strategy, see what they do different and then make your decision.

Five Signs Which Show Decreased Testosterone

Testosterone is a sex hormone produced in the testes in men (Cells of Leydig). Testosterone is responsible for male sexual characteristics. Occasionally, free testosterone levels in the blood go down and at this time, men will begin to suffer from adverse conditions. Here are five signs you are suffering from decreased testosterone.

Reduced sex drive- Testosterone is responsible for both male and female libido. It is natural for sex drive to reduce as you age. But if you are young and your libido has declined drastically, it may indicate low testosterone levels. Please note that other factors like lack of sleep, stress, illness can also reduce sex drive.

Erectile dysfunction- People who are suffering from low testosterone levels may show erectile dysfunction. But it is not true that testosterone alone is responsible for helping men achieve erections. The connection between testosterone and erectile dysfunction is not fully established. But testosterone does stimulate the production of nitric acid in the brain which assists in achieving erections.

Low volume of semen- Semen, also called seminal fluid, contains spermatozoa. As testosterone levels increase, so do semen levels. On the other hand, men who are suffering from low testosterone levels show less semen volume during ejaculation. It is also true that if the testosterone levels drop too low, men may start suffering from infertility.

Hair loss- Low testosterone levels can cause hair loss. It is a myth that too much free testosterone in the blood causes balding. There are any number of reasons why this (balding) happens. It is natural for some men to start balding when they become older. However, men who have low testosterone levels show premature balding, with a corresponding loss of facial and body hair.

Loss of muscle mass- Testosterone plays a very important role in muscle building. Men who are suffering from low testosterone levels will see a reduction in muscle strength and mass. Low testosterone also decrease bone mass in men (and women). So people suffering from low testosterone levels have more chances of suffering from bone fractures. If you can somehow increase testosterone levels in your blood, this can be reversed.

Apart from these five, it also results in changes in mood. It is well known that women experience mood swings during menopause because of a drop in estrogen levels. Did you know that men can also experience similar mood changes due to a drop in their testosterone levels? Testosterone not only influences physical processes it also affects intelligence and cognitive functions. It is now known that men suffering from low testosterone levels are more at risk for experiencing irritability, depression and problems with focusing.

This shows that testosterone is a very important hormone for men. Low testosterone levels should be treated quickly lest it begins to affect your life negatively.

How to Solve Connectivity Problems in Your iPad

While iOS 8 has a host of new improvements and features, it is quite buggy and has been reporting several issues. One of the major issues that people are reportedly facing after they update their iPad or iPhone to iOS 8 is the problems related to Wi-Fi connectivity. We will discuss a few simple tips for solving such problems. Among the issues that are being reported, the problems include extremely slow speeds, intermittent drop of connection and inability to get connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Update your iPad or iPhone to the latest version of iOS.
There have been a number of software updates that have been released by Apple after its iOS 8 update that can rectify the issues being faced by you with respect to the performance of Wi-Fi. In case you have not updated your device already, you can try to install the latest update to find out whether the issues are getting resolved or not. If you are not quite sure how to update your device, you can visit an iPad repair store, or call a mobile repair shop like TDK Mobile, for help. According to the release notes that come with iOS 8.3, there are many bug fixes related to the Wi-Fi connectivity problems. However, if you find that it is of little help, try out the solutions that are listed below.

Disabling the Wi-Fi Networking Services
Several users have notified that their issues have got resolved after they disabled the Wi-Fi Networking under System Services. You need to access it by navigating through the Settings tab. This will be applicable only for your present location that is being for the Wi-Fi Networking so it will not disable the Wi-Fi in totality.

Resetting your iPad’s network settings
It has been observed several times that many of the issues related to networking have been corrected after the network setting is reset. Whenever you are resetting the network settings of your device, it clears the DHCP settings and flushes the caches as well as other networking related information. In order to reset the network settings, you need to open the “Settings” app and then navigate to Reset and then tap on “Reset Network Settings”.

Setting custom DNS
Many a times, if there are problems with your Internet Service Provider’s DNS servers, you may either open DNS or switch to Google DNS. You can then follow the set of instructions given below for changing the settings of your DNS.
Step-1: Tap on your Wi-Fi menu after opening the Settings app in you iPad.
Step-2: From the displayed list of networks that are available, you now need to search for your Wi-Fi connection and then tap on the button that appears on the right.
Step-3: Until you reach the DNA section you have to scroll down. Then tap on the numbers displayed to the right.
Step-4: You can see a keyboard appearing on the screen where you have to key in the address of the new DNA server. Go back by tapping on Wi-Fi, after you have completed the entry.

12 Reasons Why You Should Choose Icecast

ICEcast or simply Icecast is a popular online radio streaming service. It is one of the best webcasting service on the internet currently, thanks to its myriad advantages. Here are twelve reasons why you should consider Icecast hosting to stream your online radio.

Reliable servers- Icecast is an industry standard platform and thousands of online radio stations are hosted on Icecast. Icecast uses reliable servers and the latest data infrastructure to host these stations, delivering optimum service.

Cloud Auto DJ- With Icecast, you can broadcast your music 24/7. All you have to do is upload the music, make a play-list and Icecast will take care of the streaming. Icecast’s Auto DJ facility also transfers listeners to live stream and vice versa, automatically.

Employ multiple DJs- Do you have more than one DJ performing on your online radio station? People who do, know that sharing control between two or more DJs can be hassle. But not anymore, because Icecast allows you to delegate limited control of your console to multiple DJs.

Live switching- Sometimes, a live radio broadcast can disconnect from the server. It may also be that the live broadcast has simply ended. If so, Icecast will automatically switch the feed to the music stored in your Cloud AutoDJ, ensuring continuity.

Music library- Icecast allows you to create an online music library by uploading files to your CloudDJ account. You can play this music on your online radio station or switch to live broadcast, whenever you want.

Reporting/statistics- Monitoring the users who have logged on, resources being used and the general performance of your online radio station is an important part of this business. The good news is, Icecast hosting is providing affordable analytic services through Shoutcheap.

Intro and fall back files- Icecast Hosting also provides short intro and fall back files to streamline your listeners’ music experience further. Intro is a short audio clip the user hears before he logs into your radio station. Fall back is another short audio clip, he hears when the stream is disconnected.

Station exposure- By listing your radio station on Icecast’s online radio directory, you can reach more listeners. To improve your odds, submit your station to more internet radio directories.

AutoDJ music scheduling- Do you want to air a specific list (‘Top Ten Songs This Week’) at a certain time? AutoDJ’s music scheduling lets you do exactly that. You can schedule these lists beforehand and they will play automatically at the right time.

24/7 Online support- All Icecast clients get access to an extensive knowledge base in the form of articles, videos and tutorials. If you have more questions, you can always contact the Icecast team.

Widget codes- If you opt for Icecast hosting, you also receive access to many widgets, to embed on your website. For example, one of these widgets enables users to connect to your radio station through your website.

Unlimited bandwidth- If you are a fast growing internet radio station, Icecast hosting has a special treat for you- unlimited bandwidth plans. Now, you will never have to worry about running out of bandwidth.

Hosting your online radio station on Icecast’s servers comes with a number of benefits. Why not give it a try?